Spontaneous Day Trips

One post on Instagram, one story on Facebook & within 30 minutes of being at work on Monday morning, I have already been asked about my “trip” at least five times. Truth be told, as I have shared with those who asked, it wasn’t a trip, it wasn’t even planned, but it was a great day!

Going to Niagara is something we traditionally do each winter, and the past week, the idea of going to see the festive lights had been in the air. Come Saturday, we hadn’t talked further about it, or planned anything, but while eating lunch, spontaneously, decided to put the dishes in the sink and jump in the car!

The assumption then sits that we got a hotel and did the whole Niagara experience upon arriving, or booked things in the car, but we didn’t, and that was never in the thought process. We literally made the drive, shopped the outlets, walked the falls, Lundy’s Lane and then headed back home.

There was no need to plan, or booking of anything, just getting out of the house, changing our routine and spending quality time together made the day perfect. Spontenous dates and adventures lessen expectations and stress to really help you be in the moment and enjoy the time.




Avid traveler, camper, hiker, planner & reader

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Shelby D.

Shelby D.

Avid traveler, camper, hiker, planner & reader

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